Final Program

Proceedings are published in Computer Science - Research and Development Volume 27, Issue 4, Springer Verlag, Germany.

Tuesday, September 6

Welcome Party
19:00-21:00 German Climate Computing Center (DKRZ), Bundesstraße 45a, 20146 Hamburg.
Detailed travelling information can be found on the DKRZ website.

Wednesday, September 7

08:00 Registration
Morning Session
09:00-09:30 Opening
Keynote (chair: Thomas Ludwig)
09:30-10:30Ron Dreslinski: Near Threshold Computing: Reclaiming Moore's Law
10:30 Coffee Break
Scientific Session (chair: Michael Knobloch)
11:00-11:30Shirley Moore: Power-Aware Predictive Models of Hybrid (MPI/OpenMP) Scientific Applications
11:30-12:00Daniel Molka: Flexible Workload Generation for HPC Cluster Efficiency Benchmarking
12:00-12:30Olli Mämmelä: Energy-aware job scheduler for high-performance computing
12:30 Lunch
Afternoon Session
Industrial Session (chair: Julian Kunkel)
14:00-14:30Axel Koehler, NVIDIA: Energy efficient computing with NVIDIA GPUs
14:30-15:00Frank Baetke, HP: Highly Efficient Datacenters: Status and Trends
15:00-15:30Klaus Gottschalk, IBM: SuperMUC at LRZ
15:30 Coffee Break
Scientific Session (chair: Thomas Ludwig)
16:00-16:30Daqi Ren: Analysis and Optimization of the Power Efficiency of GPU Processing Element for SIMD Computing
16:30-17:00Constantin Timm: Design Space Exploration Towards a Realtime and Energy-Aware GPGPU-based Analysis of Biosensor Data
17:00-17:30Christian Bischof: Brainware for Green HPC

Thursday, September 8

08:30 Registration
Morning Session
Keynote (chair: Michael Kuhn)
09:00-09:45Jens Wiebe: Towards Atomic-Spin Based Computation: Realizing Logic Operations Atom by Atom
Invited Talk
09:45-10:30Tim Pugh: Efficiencies of Climate Computing in Australia
10:30 Coffee Break
Scientific Session (chair: Axel Auweter)
11:00-11:30Michael Knobloch: Determine Energy-Saving Potential in Wait-States of Large-Scale Parallel Programs
11:30-12:00Julian Kunkel: Towards an Energy-Aware Scientific I/O Interface -- Stretching the ADIOS Interface to Foster Performance Analysis and Energy Awareness
12:00-12:30Michael Hennecke: Measuring power consumption on IBM Blue Gene/P
12:30 Lunch
Afternoon Session
Industrial Session (chair: Javier Blas)
14:00-14:30Andrey Semin, Intel: HPC systems energy efficiency optimization thru hardware-software co-design based on Intel technologies
14:30-15:00Wilfried Oed, Cray: Energy Efficiency Metrics and Cray XE6 Application Performance
15:00-15:30André Heidekrüger, AMD: New AMD Opteron Power Management Overview
15:30-16:00Gerd Schauss, Samsung: The leverage of right choice of DRAM in improving performance and reducing power consumption of HPC systems
16:00 Coffee Break
Panel Discussion (chair: Thomas Ludwig)
16:30-17:30Topic: "Which technology will contribute most to achieve the 20MW / 1EFLOPS goal?"
Evening Session
Social Event
19:00 Museum ship Rickmer Rickmers, Landungsbrücken Ponton 1a, 20359 Hamburg.
The museum/restaurant can be reached by S-Bahn - lines S1 and S3 (Station: Landungsbrücken) or by U-Bahn - line U3 (Stations Baumwall or Landungsbrücken).

Friday, September 9

08:30 Registration
Morning Session
Keynote (chair: Matthias Müller)
09:15-10:15Torsten Hoefler: Energy-aware Software Development for Massive Scale Systems
10:15 Coffee Break
Industrial Session (chair: Daniel Molka)
10:45-11:15Ernst M. Mutke, Convey/HMK: Energy-Efficient Dataintensive Supercomputing
11:15-11:45Torben Kling Petersen, Xyratex: Energy Efficient HPC Storage - A possibility or a pipe dream
11:45 Lunch
Afternoon Session
Scientific Session (chair: Daqi Ren)
13:00-13:30Hatem Ltaief: Profiling High Performance Dense Linear Algebra Algorithms on Multicore Architectures for Power and Energy Efficiency
13:30-14:00Manuel Dolz: DVFS-Control Techniques for Dense Linear Algebra Operations on Multi-Core Processors
14:00-14:30Vincent Heuveline: Optimization of Power Consumption in the Iterative Solution of Sparse Linear Systems on Graphics Processors
14:30-14:45 Closing
Guided City Tour
17:15-19:45 On Hamburg's Canals: A cruise along the Alster canals shows Hamburg from a completely different perspective. Departures from the Jungfernstieg pier.
The pier can be reached by S-Bahn - lines S1, S2 and S3 (Station: Jungfernstieg) or by U-Bahn - line U2 (Station Jungfernstieg).